The next meeting is 2nd March 2024 @ Pine Rivers, 12.30 for a 1pm start


IA 39238
ABN: 47 414 711 385


President – Adam Colley 0416 188 451
Treasurer – Geoff Hamilton
Secretary – Sally Fenton 0407 266 519

Send correspondence to or PO BOX 138, MORAYFIELD QLD 4506

Darts Legends Queensland was formed in 2003.

The purpose is to provide a competition and social atmosphere for past and present players of 45 years of age and above.

There is no selection criteria. All members can participate as it is a self-funded event.

The events are graded and you participate in your grade against players of your level.


You can become a member of Darts Legends Queensland the year you turn 45 years of age!

  • Do you enjoy playing darts?
  • Do you enjoy friendly, social competition?
  • Do you want to meet players from other parts of Australia?

You can join Darts Legends Queensland as an individual from anywhere in Queensland. You do not have to form a local darts legends association. For further enquiries, contact the Secretary.

Maybe you should join Darts Legends Queensland.

Queensland members of Legends do not have to be affiliated with Darts Queensland (DQ) and therefore Darts Australia (DA) to be a member of Darts Legends Queensland.

The criteria to be a member of Darts Legends Queensland – Turn 45 years of age in the current year you apply and not represented your State in the DA Senior Australian Graded Championship that year.

The current annual registration fee for existing members for one year is ten dollars ($10.00).

This fee is payable at the AGM held in January for existing members and upon application, by new members.

You can form a Legends club in your area.

Have you thought about forming an affiliated legends club in your own present club, whether it be a QDA affiliated club or just a social club?

If you would like to start a legends club in your area please do not hesitate to contact the secretary of Darts Legends Queensland. We will endeavour to assist you in any way we can in joining Darts Legends Queensland.

It could even be associated with your present association or club, just as a sub club and come under the same banner of your existing club.

Darts Legends Queensland.

All financial members of Darts Legends Queensland can participate. It is made up of teams, singles, doubles and mixed doubles events.

The Championships are played in October each year.
You will be required to purchase and wear the Darts Legends Queensland shirt during the Championships.

The Championships are graded and you play in your graded division but if you wish you can play in a higher division.
These divisions are determined by your average or the combined average of the players in the event.
These divisions are also determined by the number of players participating in the Championships e.g. Premier Division for males are 20 per dart and above.
Premier Division for females is 15 per dart and above. These are approximate and may vary slightly each year.

Friendship is made by all at these Championships and is great to meet dart players from other parts of our great country.

Join Legends and participate in the fastest growing darts association in Australia.

Enquiries can be made to:
Secretary – Sally Fenton 0407 266 519

Postal Address: PO Box 138 Morayfield QLD 4506

Facebook: Darts Legends Queensland